IoT As A Service

Every CIO knows that context-aware, location-based applications and services will change how their enterprise engages with and serves their customers but how to link IoT technology with business outcomes is a big unknown.

To help CIOs straddle the line between what is possible with IoT and what is meaningful to their business, Bell Integrator in partnership with Roambee and T-Systems introduces “IoT As A Service” (IoTaaS). The service is designed to help enterprises derive value through the nexus of low-cost sensors, visibility applications, cloud computing, and advanced analytics.

Our Approach

From Whiteboard to Dashboard in 6 weeks


IoTAAS includes:

  • Sensor Devices
  • Data Connectivity
  • IoT API Platform
  • Cloud Hosting and Management
  • Integration Services
  • Advanced Analytics

Mobile/Field Asset Management

“IoT as a Service” (IoTaaS) Mobile Asset Management solution is an out-of-the-box solution that provides:

  • Real-time visibility of all field assets checked-in or checked out of your physical area based on your company defined policies
  • Automatic recording of asset inventory and usage life cycles with near seamless integration into your existing asset management software
  • Monitor high value business-critical assets throughout your facility
  • Meet government and industry regulatory requirements with extensive track and trace capabilities
  • Improve operational efficiencies by ensuring equipment is properly positioned where and when needed

IoTaaS solutions provide comprehensive equipment visibility reporting functions, with complete audit trails, and accurate equipment inventory - delivering the highest level of confidence in asset usage reporting and regulatory compliance. Enterprises gain operational business intelligence through a web-based dashboard and many pre-defined reports including:

  • Check-out violation report
  • Asset overdue report
  • Asset movement report
  • Check-ins by owner report
  • Proof of asset destruction report
  • Asset addition report
  • Usage report
  • Asset inventory report

Smart Logistics solution

The solution powered by Roambee and helps companies to solve their logistic problems, such as:

  • Unpredictable ETA
  • Shipment Theft
  • Chain Of Custody
  • Product Spoilage

Our services

  1. Real time tracking and condition monitoring of B2B shipments in-transit

    • Get informed instantly
    • We share location and temperature data of your shipment, when you want it
  2. Provide insights and foresights for better supply chain decisions

    • You need only one easy APP to monitor from the computer or smartphone. There is no complicated software to download, manage, subscribe to or pay for.
    • Work more efficiently by integrating platform with your TMS or ERP system. We have the web services and you can monitor shipments from the application of your choice.
  3. Provide a managed service – you pay-as-you- go with no upfront investment

    • There’s no long-term investment required. We help you to be more efficient with your supply chain budget

How it works


Smart Logistics solution can be applied in the following areas:

  • Postal Service
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hi-Tech
  • Retail Trade
  • Life Sciences
  • Food & Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Fresh Produce


  • Intelligent Reporting

    Estimated time of arrival, shipment delayed and tamper, temperature & when it passed the threshold, route deviation, real time entry/exits from user defined zones and unscheduled stops.
  • On time delivery

    We pride ourselves on meeting deadlines reliably.
  • Enforcing SLAs

  • Verifiable chain of custody

    This means verifying the identity of individuals at every point of transition in the custody chain, and permitting or denying the relevant chain-of-custody transactions in real time.