Bell Integrator™ Differentiators

  • Mature stellar talent

    We have 2000+ full time employees with comprehensive technical backgrounds. Our engineering talent is selected from top universities and corporations around the world. Most are experienced scientists, physicists, and mathematicians with academic degrees. We constantly look for the brightest talent, train them and support their professional growth. Most of our engineers have certifications from leading platform vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, Cisco, Juniper, NetApp, Ericsson, Nokia, Comverse, Brocade, and many others. Bell Integrator employees have many years of vertical experience and even our most junior engineers have 2-3 years of real-life experience before being deployed in support of our clients. Combining in-depth knowledge of our client’s business and possessing outstanding technology skills, the workforce at Bell Integrator provides for unique, quality solutions within each specific industry.

  • Full stack of IT and Innovation

    We provide the full breadth of IT services including software development, systems integration, application management services, network management, storage and datacenter services, operating on high load, mission critical systems. Yet, our solutions are tailored to precisely fit your schedules, budget, and business requirements. Our portfolio of solutions balances the need to maintain legacy infrastructure and services, and to realize emerging technologies like SDN & NFV. We harness the power of innovation from design, to roll-out, to support within any IT environment.

  • Availability

    In contrast to the largest technology vendors that have slow, bureaucratic procedures, Bell Integrator can start an engagement immediately, passing along the benefits to its clients of agility, speed, and flexibility. If you need to kick off a project tomorrow, we can mobilize the right resources with the right skills, right away.

  • Global delivery capability

    We are experienced at performing projects all over the world. As a global company, we serve customers in North and South America (USA, Mexico, Brazil, etc.), EMEA (Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Algeria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.), APAC (Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc.). Bell Integrator will continue to grow and open branch offices in different parts of the world to serve our growing customer base.